Lesson 6: Triple Crochet

Triple crochet detail.

Hello and welcome to today’s lesson: triple crochet. Triple crochet is very similar to double. Many of the steps are the same. It is even taller and more open looking than single or double.

I will be using lots of abbreviations that are covered in previous lessons. They include:
ch = chain
lp = loop
hdc = half-double crochet
sc = single crochet
yo = yarn over
dc = double crochet
sts = stitches
st = stitch

Please refer back to previous lessons for more detailed explanation of abbreviations.

I am sticking with the fewer photos approach. I hope it is working okay for everyone.


In this lesson, I am using 30 gauge copper wire and a no.8 crochet hook. I will also use a pocket scribe, wire nippers, and needle nose pliers. This sample will be 9 stitches wide and 9 stitches tall. Lets get started learning Triple Crochet (tc).

First Row

Base chain of thirteen.

To start, make a base chain of 13 stitches. Then, yarn over twice and insert the hook into the 6th stitch from the hook.

Yarn over twice.
Insert hook into fifth chain from hook.

Yarn over and draw up a loop. Now you have four loops on the hook.

Four loops on the hook.

Yarn over and draw the yo through two loops on the hook. You should have three loops remaining on the hook.

Three loops on hook.

Yarn over and draw the yo through two more loops. You are down to two loops on the hook.

Two loops on hook.

Yarn over and draw the yo through two loops. You now have one loop on the hook and have completed your first triple crochet.

First completed triple crochet.

To start the next triple crochet, yarn over twice.

Yarn over twice.

Insert the hook into the next chain. Yarn over and draw up the loop. You are back to four loops on the hook.

Four on hook.

Yarn over and draw the yo through two loops.

Three on hook.

Yarn over again and draw through two loops.

Two on hook.

Yarn over one last time and draw the yo through two loops. Another triple crochet completed. In case you hadn’t figured it out yet,  in the triple crochet, you repeat the yarn over and draw through two loops three times; hence the name triple crochet.

Second triple crochet completed.

The triple crochet stitch goes: yo twice, insert hook into next chain, draw up loop, yo and draw yo through two loops three times. Repeat the triple crochet stitch six times more.

Chain four for the turning chain.

End of first row with turning chain.

Remove the hook and use your scribe to open the loops. Remember to skip the base of the turning chain when you are opening the loops. Also be sure to open the top of the turning chain below.

Open the top of the stitches with the scribe.

Second Row

Re-insert the hook and turn your work. Yarn over twice.

Start the next row.

Start your first triple crochet of the second row. Be sure to skip the base of the turning chain.

Remember that, when counting stitches, the turning chain counts as the first stitch so that eight triple crochets plus the turning chain is nine stitches. Make eight triple crochet stitches to complete the row and then chain 4.

Take out the hook and open the stitches as for the first row.

Row two completed plus the turning chain for row three.

Crochet seven more rows or triple crochet for a total of nine rows.

Last Row

When you come to the last stitch, be sure to stop after drawing up the last loop.

The last stitch.

Clip the wire with your wire nippers and draw the tail through.

Clip the wire with nippers.

Finish out the ends in the same manner as for the other samples.

Ends all finished and ready to stretch.

Stretch and flatten the sample.

All stretched.


Your new abbreviation for this week is tc for triple crochet.

The instructions for this lesson in abbreviated format are as follows:

start: ch 13

row 1: dc in 6th ch from hook, tc 7 sts more. ch 4, turn.

row 2: tc 8 sts. ch 4, turn.

rows 3-8: repeat row 2.

row 9: tc 8 sts. Cut off and draw up lp.

Single, half-double, double, and triple crochet samples.

All of these samples are nine stitches wides and nine rows tall.

So, there you have it, triple crochet! One more lesson and we will have covered all the basics. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section or on my facebook page. See you next Wednesday.



  1. I was such a nice tutorial, about 8 years ago I started crocheting with wire, it took me a while to “understand” it but it is very rewarding!

  2. Not really, I left all my material in Brazil I just don’t seem to find the things I need here, yesterday I found some wire and bought it, I will try again then I let you know!

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